The Funniest Thing That Happened On Our Honeymoon

You might have heard of a couple wearing an alien suit for a wedding dress or a couple who get wed in a pink cadillac in Las Vegas wedding strip. Although it sound like fun, many still don’t get the wishes of couples to celebrate their wedding this way. If you want to have an […]

How Emily Tried to make her Groom happy

The Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette book is a very comprehensive book on wedding etiquette. The wedding situations depicted here are full of every situation in which a expecting couple will need to do or just say the right thing. The Emily Post Wedding Etiquette book has every answer to every question b couples regarding the […]

How to be really funny at the wedding reception

Weddings were almost always held during daytime in the past. But like evolution, the customs and norms on weddings have also evolved over time. Most couples nowadays find evening weddings more romantic and ideal. Evening weddings have increased popularity over time. People see weddings, especially receptions as a perfect time to mingle with old and […]

Wedding Day Fun Gifts to give the bride

A wedding of an acquiantance is going to be held some time soon. You are now thinking of what gift you should give the newly wed. But do you know that there are gift giving wedding etiquette? Yes, there is such a thing. If you are contemplating on giving cash as a gift, read on […]